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Hundreds of thousands of civilian personnel work in the criminal justice system, including state and local law enforcement.  Generally speaking, civilian personnel are those who haven’t taken an oath of office and do not have a police officers power to arrest for probable cause.  While most civilian police personnel are unarmed, some agencies employ civilian security personnel who are armed, but have only limited duties and powers of arrest.

Civilian Police Writers

Roberta Nee Adams
Renee Anderson
John Ball
Theodore H. Blau
William L. Childers
Mark Falzini
John F. Fischer
Barry A. J. Fisher
Sunny Frazier
Ken Goddard
Stephen M. Hennessy
Thonie Hevron
Jane Ilene Huffman
Glenda LaTour
William Leo
Marty Ludas
Liz Martinez
Patrick McFadden
Dennis McGowan
Laurence Miller, PhD
Maggie Price
Anthony Rzucidlo
Steve Scarborough
Jill Starishevsky
Phillip Tomasso

Joyce Tremel
Grant Wolf

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A former civilian dispatcher from the Dearborn Heights Police Department

Emergency Management Mobile Command & Response Vehicles: A Photographic Review of Emergency Units
Anthony J. Rzucidlo  More Info
John Ball was a reserve deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

The Van: A Tale of Terror
John Dudley Ball  More Info

Featured books by civilian police writers.

Ken Goddard is the National Fish & Wildlife Forensics Lab director.

Outer Perimeter
Ken Goddard  More Info

The Retail Manager's Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention: Protecting Your Business from Theft, Fraud, and Violence
Liz Martinez  More Info
Mark Falzini, is the archivist at the New Jersey State Police Museum.

Letters Home: The Story of an American Military Family in Occupied Germany, 1946-1949
iUniverse  More Info

Murders Near the Arch
Glenda, LaTour  More Info

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