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Corrections Officer Prayer

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Corrections Officer Prayer


Dear Lord protect us each and everyday,

as we care for each inmate

and do so in a very special way.

For we work side by side,

both men and women,

we try our best to see that no one may die.

For as long as we work together,

that being like a family,

be important forever.

Lord I just want to thank you,

for allowing me to be part of this group,

with men and women oh so true.

Even though my life has many incidents,

knowing that I protect everyone,

from the guilty and innocent.

This makes me ready for heaven.

Lord we worship you


About the Author:

Justin Lyons is a Deputy Sheriff for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana).  He is currently assigned to correction and has a BS in Criminal Justice from the Southwest Louisiana Community College. He can be contacted at lyonsfool03@yahoo.com.

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