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How to Stop a Stalker
Mike Proctor  More Info

About the Westminster Police Department

The Westminster Police Department has 179 sworn police officers and 90 civilian employees.  The department's total budget for 2005 was $18,834,202.  The Westminster Police Department is organized into three divisions:  Patrol, Traffic and Special Operations Division; Investigations and Technical Services Division; and, Police Administration Division


The Westminster Police Department is managed by the Chief of Police who directly supervises two Deputy Chiefs, a Senior Management Analyst and the Administrative Coordinator.  The Patrol, Traffic & Special Operations Division is managed by a Deputy Chief and is comprised of four sections: Administrative Section; Patrol Section; Traffic Section and Special Operations Section. Each section is supervised by Commanders who report directly to the Deputy Chief. 


Patrol Services Section is responsible for the initial and immediate response to various types of calls from citizens.  It is comprised of three shifts (Watches--1, 2, 3) each supervised by a Watch Commander, as well as several specialized units that provide a wide variety of professional law enforcement services to the community.  Geographic "beat" assignments are covered by the three shifts on a continuous basis in order to respond to requests from citizens for help and assistance; general patrol activities; and community safety.  


The Investigations and Technical Services Division is managed by a Deputy Chief and is comprised of five sections: Investigations; Community Services; Technical Services; Neighborhood Services; and, Staff Inspections.  In addition to handling follow-up and complex investigations, the Investigations Section is responsible for the coordination of intelligence information and investigation of matters requiring undercover or special operations, and acts as an informal liaison between criminal justice agencies.  





Detective Mike Proctor is a thirty-year veteran of the Westminster Police Department and is a recognized expert on stalking who has worked and consulted on over 100 stalking cases. He has appeared on 20/20, America's Most Wanted, CNN, The Maury Povich Show, Unsolved Mysteries, and Case Closed, and is frequently quoted in the press. He also consulted on the 1996 Police Officers Standards and Training video training course on stalking and teaches at both the professional and university level.


Detective Mike Proctor holds a BA in Geography from California State College, Long Beach; and, a Lifetime Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, as well as a Community College Credential.  Additionally, he has had over 900 hours of law enforcement academic training in courses such as: Sexual Assault investigation, Domestic Violence-Advance Investigator training; Psychological Profiling and Criminal Investigation Analysis; AFT Bomb and crime scene Investigation; Occult and Ritualistic Crime Scene Investigation; and, Homicide Investigation techniques.


Detective Mike Proctor is the author of How to Stop a Stalker. According to his book description, “One out of every 12 women and one out of every 45 men in the United States are stalked at some point in their lifetime!  If you are a victim of a stalker or you suspect that you might be, this book will give you the means not only to protect yourself, but ultimately to help put the stalker behind bars.  This indispensable handbook on a serious problem, complete with many examples taken from actual cases, will be of great use to current or potential stalking victims, victim advocates, law enforcement officials, personnel departments, and employers.”

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