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Pink Chairs and Fairy Wings

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"Pink Chairs and Fairy Wings"


My granddaughters are playing in the driveway; their laughter can be heard throughout the house.  Life is simple, life is good, life is calm.  Life is Pink Chairs and Fairy wings.  Little do they know PaPa's world is crashing in, PaPa's best friend is dying.


I don't know if God still heals, or if he still listens to me.  I do have my doubts.


But hear me God and heal my friend.  She needs to hear the laughter and see the sunshine.  She needs you to be what you say you are.


The laughter goes long into the night, princess dresses and a kiss goodnight.


A lot can be said for Pink Chairs and Fairy wings.


Until Next Time

God Bless

The Common Man.




Sergeant W.C. Dare is assigned the Traffic Safety Unit of the Vineland Police Department (New Jersey)

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