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Below is our listing of people we believe may be police officers who have authored books.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate information to confirm their status.  Please send any information to

Last First Agency Book(s)
Nadin Val Unknown, poss New Jersey Breaking the Blue Line
Ayers (Schlosser) Lee Unknown in San Diego Area Dr. Ayers (Southern Oregon University) is the author of Distance Education: Definition and Glossary of terms.
Azzonlina Ronald Various bits of information show him to be a reserve "police officer" with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - okay, so that would make him a reserve deputy, also, rising to the rank of captain in whichever organization Five books including Suicide Inc and When the Shark Bites.
Bailey Robert L. Unknown - midwest Plain and Simple, plus nine other books
Bakulich Virgil San Francisco Police Department A retired police captain and the author of his autobiography, The Flight of my Days.  This work may not have ever been published.  The only reference is to a 1946 article from the Police and Peace Officer's Journal that talks about his "upcoming book."  Also, there is a biographic note indicating he may have died in 1946.  We have been unable to find any book by that title or under the author's name. 
 Bembenek Lawrencia "Laurie" Milwaukee Police Department While several sources indicate that the author of "Woman on Trial" was a former Milwaukee Police Department police officer, there is also indications that she may not have met one of the site listing criteria - she made it through a probationary period.  See Additional Information Below
Behr Unknown Florida Uniform 133
Bernstein Jeff or Jeffery There are reference to him being a former police sergeant, police officer and possibly from the Miami Police Department various test prep guides, as well as a re-write on Iannone's Police Supervision due out in 2008
Blanco James A. May have worked for California Department of Justice and/or Salinas Police Department, bio is vague Business Fraud: Know it and Prevent it
Bopp William Unknown, Possibly Boston Numerous academic works on policing
Bouquard Thomas J. Possibly New York State Police Arson Investigation: The Step-By-Step Procedure
Brooks Alan J. "A.J." Unknown, possibly in North or South Carolina Mummy Murders, A Snake Around the World
Burrus David Unknown Los Angeles Area Victims
Caldero Michael Possibly Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Author of Police Ethics: The Corruption of Noble Cause.  Is a professor at Bellevue Community College (Washington)
Calohan Geroge Poss NYPD Son of Sam
Cancelliere Anthong Poss NYPD A Pleasant Shade of Gray
Carter Charles Unknown Brain Food
Cekada Robert There are reference to a "Robert Cekada" on NYPD, Plantation Police Department as well as the Broward County Sheriff, maybe one in the same. Graffiti Pocket Guide
Chandler Cliff Bio states he was trained as a "special officer" for the NYPD. It is unclear is he was ever a sworn police officer The Paragons, Vengeance is Mine, and Devastated; as well as a book of poetry.
Chevalier Larry F. Unknown, Alaska One Badge Alone: Tales of an Alaskan Bush Cop
Chiapetta Mike Unknown, writing under pen name Nicolas Ross The policeman's Bible or the Art of taking a bribe
Clede Bill Unknown, Connecticut Author of several books on police tactics, firearms and policing in general
Connolly Francis M. Possibly NYPD Co-author with George J. Mullins on Police, Sergeant, Lieutenants promotional exam.  There is a vague reference on the book to both having been members of NYPD. 
Dacus Dan Unknown Atlanta Area You Make Me do These Things to You.
Dear William C. There are references to him having been a Miami police officer, member of the Florida Highway Patrol and some other law enforcement agency in Texas Fiction, true crime and an autobiography
De Laby Ron Possibly Riverside, CA Butterflyman, Boogie
Dienstein William Bio information indicates that he "worked for"  the Taft Police Department (California).  He was a long time academic and scholar at Cal State Fresno. He clearly served in the US Army and was added to Three law enforcement related text books.
Edenfield DeWitt Unknown, possibly Georgia Blue Look of Fear plus two others
Elliot Mark Unknown Minnesota Northern Heat
Evers Jason Unknown Shades of Blue
Floyd Kenneth Plano Police Department (Texas), it is unclear if he completed probation. The Painted Man, Fallen Man, A Body Repossessed, Charlies' Army
Gerringer Arthur Possibly Texas Chameleons, terrorism
Gladhill Harvey Unknown Internal Affairs, plus at least one other
Gray Russ Possibly Midwest as a deputy sheriff Country Cops
Gregory Robert Unknown On the Job
Haeuser Mark Unknown Battleground USA, plus at least four other books
Haney Donald Ray Unknown in Alabama Secrets of the Mormon Church
Henke D. Schettler Possible Midwest municipal department Web of Deceit and Dead Secret
Hotopp Gerald David Possibly a rail road police officer in New York Manhattan Terror
Hoy Wayne M. Unknown, Possibly Indio, California.  Currently, a chaplain at Indio, and a retired police lieutenant, but no clear indication of which department he retired from. Banners of Canvas, Wolf and the Stag, Miniature, Margaret McKenzie, Appeal to Honor
James Thomas T. Horton James, or Thomas H. James was, according to the cover of the 1931 book, the personal investigator for the mayor and the chief investigator for the police commission. Frankly, its unclear if he was a Los Angeles Police Officer, or some other type of city employee. Contact the editor if you have information.
Chief Steckel unmasked: "Racket" infested Los Angeles: Why was Steckel made Chief? Who caught Marco? High handed brutality. "Runners-up" for Chief. How ... "racket". "Frame-ups." What is the future?
Jones Clarence E. Works for the Amarillo Police Department (Texas) unclear is he is sworn. After the Smoke Clears: Surviving the Police Shooting : An Analysis of the Post Officer-Involved Shooting Trauma
Jones Shelby Unknown The Cynics
Jones Sean Unknown Street Justice
Joseph Mark Unknown Los Angeles Area The Sandbar
Klein Joseph L. Possibly from the New York City Police Department Police Career: An Endless Challenge
Leddy Edward F.

Status confirmed, click on last name to view listing.

Levitt J.R. Possibly Salt Lake City Police Department Carnivore, Ten Swords.  Both are police procedurals from the early 1990s; stories center on a homicide detective turned PI; and, include some "Mormon" church intrigue.
Lofland Lee Unknown Writer's Guide to Police Procedure and Investigation
Lombard William Possible a had a long career in law enforcement as a New York State Trooper, Chief of Police of the Rochester Police Department and then in the 1907s, elected Sheriff of Monroe County. The Morals Squad
Lott Michael Ray Unknown Southern California, possibly LAX Police or Monterey Park Police Department Police on the Screen, Two Minutes to Midnight, American Marshall Arts Films
Lynch Ronald G. There are references to him having been employed by the Orange County Sheriff's Department in Florida.  But, no indication if sworn. The Police Manager
Kappeler Victor Unknown, possibly Kentucky Numerous academic related to policing, law enforcement and criminal justice
Keating James D. Possibly Chicago Police Department All on the Same Side
Malcore Jeff, Jeffry Possibly Neenah Police Department, Wisconsin Blood Swat and Tears.  There is a Lieutenant Jeff Malcore on the Neenah Police Department.  However, the book states it is written by "jeffry"
Mann Mark Unknown, State of Washington I had to drive I was too drunk to walk
Martin James E. Unknown in Ohio, possibly a retired detective, books are set in Cleveland, so perhaps Cleveland Police Department or nearby suburb. The File 95 (A police procedural), The Flip Side of Life, Mercy Trap, And Then you Die, A fine and Private Place (The latter for introduce and explore the character Gil Disbro, a ex-cop turned private investigator)
Martin Mike Unknown Nickels and Dimes
McDonald Hugh C. There are conflicting sources on Hugh C. McDonald and his law enforcement affiliation during the 1950s and 1960s.  Some authors place him as the chief of detectives of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, while others (including well respected text books) place him as the "civilian" head of an LAPD section.  Several sources place him as the inventor of the Identi-kit. Books include: Appointment in Dallas: the final solution to the Assassination of JFK: LBJ and the JFK Conspiracy; Black Sea Caper; The Blue Fox; Letter from Kiev; The Investigation of Sex Crimes; The Classification of Police Photographs; The Psychology of Police Interrogation
McGeary Robert S. Possible Pennsylvania State Police Road Dogs, Publish America, 2004
McGrath Kevin Unknown, pen name, poss LAPD Out of Sync
McKee Mike Unknown Texas Distorted Pillars
McMann James Patrick Probably NYPD, perhaps NYSP Poetry in Blue: Reflections in the Eye of a Cop
Medeiros Mary There is biographical information to indicate that she was either a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department or Honolulu Sheriff's Department deputy sheriff. Angel Lost, Angel Found
Mesloh Charles Florida Gulf Coast University criminal justice professor Charles Mesloh. Mesloh is a former law enforcement canine handler and noted national author on the subject of police dogs, publishing over 90 percent of the canine-related articles on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service; unknown which police department or type of position held. Police Dogs: History, Training and Deployment
Miller Scott Unknown Florida Murder, Money and Mayhem in Miami
Miller Tim Eckhart, Indiana Unk if sworn Without a Trace, Out of Nowhere
Mitchell Kirk Completed San Bernardino Sheriff's Academy, bio is a little fuzzy after that stating he worked on Indian reservations.  Also, some references to being a SWAT sergeant in Southern California. Author of 14 books
Monroe Dave Unknown Cold Fortune, Death Tide, The Malthusain Conspiracy
Moss Stuart Unknown, possibly Florida or New York.  Co-authored confirmed police officer Lou Savelli Cop Jokes
Moxley Joseph Unknown The Way it is
Mullins George Possibly NYPD Co-author with Francis M.Connolly on Police, Sergeant, Lieutenants promotional exam.  There is a vague reference on the book to both having been members of NYPD. 
Newton James Unknown Asylum
Noble Corwin K. Unknown in California, possibly the California Highway Patrol Executive Protection Manual
Noonkester Joe Unknown Los Angeles Area Hollywood...Vice or Versa
O'Brien Phil Possibly Orange County Sheriff (California) Badges, bullets and bullshit; A Tree in the Wind
O'Neill Hugh E. Unknown New York Area Listed as one of the authors (editors?) of the ARCO police officer exam book.
O'Reilly James There appear to be two James O'Reillys, one was a "state park police" officer in New York, this is likely the Long Island State Parkway Police, but it is unclear - that O'Reilly is a law school professor in Ohio who has published something like 35 books.  But, the other O'Reilly, also a James, has published two law enforcement related books (which are not on the first O'Reilly's CV) and appears to either be a New York State Police Officer.  Confused?  Me too.  
Osterburg James W. Unknown New York Area Published two text books on forensics, appears to have published with Hugh O'Neill in the late 1940s, early 1950s
Denny Unknown Los Angeles Area East of Peters landing
Palmiotto Michael J. Unknown agency in New York State Community Policing plus nine other works.
Paul Joseph Poss Philadelphia The System, Nightmares and Daydreamsunco
Pitaro Ruthann Poss NYPD Joining the Men's Club
Powell James Unknown, possibly Baytown Texas Welcome to my World
Putnam DW Unknown, Southern California Reluctant Narc, Missing Fingers
Raimondo Robert J. There are references to him "patrolling the streets of New York for a third of his life."  However, no information if he is NYPD, transit, or name is pseudonym. Evil Never Dies, In the Dead of the Night
Ramaker Jason Unknown Texas Two in the Chest, One in the Head.
Ray Robert Unknown, possible federal agent Crooked Blue Line
Reedy Susan Emeryville, CA.  Unk if sworn One Month in Hell
Reynolds Russell H. Unknown California Traveler
Rizzo Frank Philadelphia Police Department Is he the author of:, The Sayings of Chairman Frank?  See additional information below
Robinson Kent New Jersey, possibly Pequannock Twp Blue Memoirs: A Gripping Reality of Suburban Life
Rodger Bruce Unknown Psychological aspects of police work.
Rosenberg Nancy Taylor Her bio states she has "jobs" or "affiliations with" during her "law enforcement career" with several agencies.  There is no definitive statement she was a police officer.  Even the statement that she was a probation officer in Ventura in an "investigative" capacity seems vague. Interest of Justice, First Offense, Trial by Fire, California Angel, Abuse of Power, With Justice for All, Conflict of Interest, Sullivan's Law, Sullivan's Justice, Sullivan's Evidence, Revenge of the Innocents, Mitigating Circumstances, Buried Evidence
Salverda Richard Unknown Minnesota Moribund, Schoolboy Murders
Sanchez Rodger A. Possibly LAPD Secrets of the LAPD process.  A reviewer of the book identifies Sanchez as a former Los Angeles Police Department officer.  However, other than the 1997 book reference there isn't any other information to confirm.
Scott Lawrence Unknown in Duval County Cracker Cop
Shelton William Some biographical information states he was a law enforcement officer and long time resident of Red Bluff.  Also, point to being a member of the sheriff's department, which is likely Tehama County Sheriff's Department Images of Red Bluff
Slawek Jim Unknown, possible Chicago Area From Cop to Con
Strugess Robert Unk agency in New York One Haunted Halloween Night
Stuart Paul Unknown Death of an Angel
Stuber Robert Unknown agency in San Francisco, California area Missing: Stranger Abductions, smart ways to keep your child safe.
Sulik Stephen R. Bio says retired police officer in Texas, unknown which agency. Tattered Coat, Ransom Ransom, Cold Kill, Color of Laughter
Swenning John There are several John Swennings on different law enforcement agencies in Central California.  It is likely they are all related - but which one wrote the book! All for the Flag
Todd Mo Possibly Henderson, Kentucky Blue Eyed Cop
Turner Martin Unknown Common Sense Approach to Raising your Children: A Cop's Perspective
Uddo Frank Unknown Louisiana A case for a decentralized modular police force
Vaughn Leroy Unknown Southern California Hilljack Heaven
Victor Rae Anne Possible Spokane County Sheriff's Department, currently listed at various locations as the supervisor of the communications dispatch, unknown if sworn or civilian employee Century of Honor, George Washington's Revolutionary Marshals, Recipes for Life
Walker (Warner) Joseph Unknown Inside your local police department and several works of poetry.
Ward Al Possibly Bellevue Police Department, Washington Outsmart Crime (1995)
Whisenand Paul Founder of PMW consulting.  Also, professor emeritus CSULB.  There are a few references to him having been both a Los Angeles Police Officer and an LA County Reserve Deputy.  The BIO on his website states neither Number books on policing and criminal justice
Wright George Santa Monica Police Department Twist Badge

Additional Information:
Frank Rizzo:
Frank Rizzo joined the Philadelphia Police Department in the 1940s, rising through the ranks to become Police Commissioner in 1967. Frank Rizzo resigned as police commissioner in 1971 to run for Mayor.  He was elected to two terms as the Mayor of Philadelphia.  He has a book, The Sayings of Chairman Frank, listed on Amazon.  But did he write it? 

According to a Time article of 10-25-77, A coalition of the Americans for Democratic Action and Rizzo foes failed to oust "hizzoner" by means of a recall drive last year. Now, seeking to head off any attempt by Rizzo to maneuver around the Philadelphia mayoralty's two-term restriction, A.D.A. is trying yet another weapon: The Sayings of Chairman Frank, a 100-page compendium of Rizzoisms published last week that is intended to make municipal voters laugh and the city's mayor weep.

Lawrencia "Laurie" Bembenek
Lawrencia "Laurie" Bembenek, also known as "Bambi" Bembenek, (born August 15, 1958) is a woman convicted of murdering her husband's ex-wife, Christine Schultz, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 28, 1981. Her story garnered national attention, and "Bambi" became a folk hero as a "woman scorned". Bembenek's then-husband, Fred Schultz, was a Milwaukee Police Department detective. Bembenek herself was a former Milwaukee police officer who had been fired and had gone on to sue the department, claiming that it engaged in sex discrimination and other illegal activities. Bembenek had also worked briefly as a waitress at a Playboy club. At the time of her arrest, she was working for Marquette University's Public Safety Department, in downtown Milwaukee. There are references to her suing the Milwaukee Police Department over sexual harassment.  The question is, did she make probation?


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